10 Best Free Antivirus 2015

free antivirus for 2015
Free Antivirus for you!

If you have a computer and love to browse the internet, you will know about the threats, which are online. So, how do you cope up with that? You can do it very easily by using 10 Best Free Antivirus 2015, which is available on the internet. However, not all free antiviruses are good for your computer, and this is why, the reviews of top 10 free antivirus software are for you.

#1: BitDefender Antivirus Plus

Bitdefender Antivirus will definitely clean bits and bytes on your computer. It has superior performance and provides you with enhance features and security at no cost. If you are planning to choose any free antivirus, this can top the list.

#2: Kaspersky Antivirus

If you are looking for a free yet safe antivirus, then Kaspersky can be a good choice. With imbibed online security, you can find that Kaspersky Antivirus will suit all your needs. So, if you are looking for a free antivirus, go ahead and check it out.

#3: Norton Antivirus

This is one of the most used Best Free Antivirus 2015 , but it comes with a trial period, after which you will need to pay for it. Although it is technically not a freeware, yet the security is good and if you can afford a bit of price after the trial period, you should use Norton Antivirus.

#4: Avira Free Antivirus

If you are looking for a totally free antivirus, then Avira is the correct choice for you. You can very easily download it from the internet and install it in your computer with ease.

#5: AVG Antivirus

Once again, if you are looking for an antivirus, which will solve all your problems, then AVG is the software for you. It is available in both free and premium version and you do have the chance to check out the Internet Security, which comes with this pack. Therefore, you have dual advantage of both.

#6: Avast Free Antivirus

AvastThis antivirus is antivirus software, which has the same features as the Norton or AVG and comes with almost no cost at all. You can download and use the free version, which is available all over the internet. In case, you do not know where you can find Avast antivirus, you can call the expert.

#7: Panda Antivirus

This antivirus is quite effective in protecting your computer from malware. However, the technical support of this software is limited to emails and at times; you may not get a response. Other than that, it is quite easy to use and user friendly.

#8: McAfee Antivirus

If you are looking for one great antivirus which is useful and free, then McAfee free antivirus is the antivirus you can rely on. It is easy to use, download and install. Also, if you want, after a certain period of time, you can also choose the premium version. All you need to do is sign up for the premium version.

#9: ESET NOD 32 Antivirus

This is one of the most used  Best Free Antivirus 2015 . It is easy to install and is compatible with all Windows OS. It is also available for free in the internet. So, you can download it as and when you require.

#10: G Data

Are you looking for an antivirus which will provide you with total security? Then this is the antivirus which you can use. You can download it for a trial period. However, after that, you will need to pay for it.
Thus, knowing the above free antivirus, you can choose your own product and browse online safely without any problem. You should not underestimate web threats, and you will be safe only with a valid, licensed antivirus, so make sure you have one in your PC.

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