12 Way To Eliminate Stress or mental health disorders!


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For Example ,we can not pay full attention to our valuable work and it create others big big problems and we become frustrated.

But if we try   we can avoid or reduce or eliminate stress or mental health problems or mental health disorders by following  some important health tips and tricks and we can lead a healthy life.

Dear reader here, I will provides some tips and tricks that will able to remove or eliminate stress or mental pressure very easily.

Here is the 12  Way to Reduce or eliminate stress or mental health problems or mental health disorders:

Everyone should follow the following 12 tips and tricks  for leading a better and healthy life.

1. At  first thing to find out why and when you are stress.

2. Then a things  which is not  under your  control, we will not be worried, such as – the weather.

3. Solve small problems before, which will help to bring you the ability to control the situation.

4. Too many problems, not solve them in a fix at a time.

5. Change your perspective, change is scary to see it as a positive challenge.

6. Regarding your problem, with a trusted friend or family member or with a councilor

7. Set realistic goals, not too far from this Schedule.

8. Eat on time and balanced food.

9. Get regular exercise.

10. Get regular Meditation (meditation).

11. Something, which you do not have to think stressful, such as – sports, social events or occasional things (outside interest).

12. Don’t keep always busy to prove you

the best of the best.

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