3 Excellent Windows Software To Monitor Internet Usage in Your Computer

Networx-internet-usage-moniSome times we feel need of some  Excellent Windows Software to Monitor  Internet Usage in  our pc. Because most of us use limited bandwidth internet connection plan or package for one or two month then it is necessary to monitor  internet usage daily.

Even if are you not on limited bandwidth plan then you should         use internet usage monitoring software cause these windows software are useful for measuring speed of your internet connection and also useful for  measuring  connection troubleshooting .So a best internet monitoring windows program will able  to keep track all network connection or just specific one.With these concern we will provide 3 Excellent Windows Software to Monitor Internet Usage in your Computer.These are given below.


Freemeter is a free excellent bandwidth monitoring software that you can use to monitor your inter usage in all windows version like  windows 98,2000,2003,xp,seven and windows 8. It is very small in size only 120 KB and the EXE file of this software is standalone and need not to install it.


Features of  Freemeter Monitor Internet Usage software:

  • It has simple graph but anyone can customize it any time.
  • Freemeter has some advance features like URL grabber, a POP And I MAP email checking tool and for email checking you need .NET version above 3.5.
  • It works on both 32 bit and 64 bit operating system.
  • It also help to check the health of all your network connection.you can download Freemeter  free for monitoring your internet usage.



NetWorx is another excellent internet usage monitoring software that from your system tray keeps an eye on all your internet connection.


Features of NetWorx Internet Usage Monitor software:

  • Networx is available free for download for   both 32 bit and 64 bit operating system.
  • Provides network usage report.
  • Activity notification.
  • Network testing tools.
  • You can divide data into day,weekly, monthly also custom period.
  • NetWorx is highly customizable & anyone can get into the options
    to set some essential like: automatic dialing, graph colors, notification actions etc.
  • You can easily use it by free NetWorx download form here.

3. BitMeter 2 Monitor internet Usage Monitor software

BitMeter 2 is similar to Networx internet usage monitoring software.By using BitMeter 2 you can monitor both download and upload speed graph simultaneously.It will automatically show a dialog box with “how many days you want to use your bandwidth before reaching it’s limit”.

BitMeter-2-internet-usage-m You can also view your usage amount that can be sorted by hours, days, and months.You can easily use by free download  BitMeter 2 form here.


Daer reader if your computer become slower because of using internet usage monitor software then you can easily speed up your computer from here.

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