7 Easy Steps to protect your website From Hackers !

How to protect your WordPress site from hackingSeven easy steps to protect your WordPress website from hackers are important factors to those People who are new in the world of web and try to build up a WordPress site by hard working,
but suddenly one day it was hacked by a hacker and as result your all hard work will be useless.
But if you already know that you have a website and know how to protect your WordPress site from hacking! then you will
be successes. Other wise there is a possibility of failure.

Many people who are new in WordPress often becomes frustrated that is really disgusting so If we be aware from the beginning ,then it is possible to reduce the

risk of hacking.We know that there is a Proverbs “Prevention is Better than Cure”.

So we will be aware about our site so that hackers can not hack our website.

Dear reader,today I will introduce you to a new plugin that have a variety of Hacking Attempts.on your site / blog to protect.The Plugin name

is”Better WP Security” (By Bit51.com) You can Download from here 

This plugin will give you all the protection of your website you need …

How this plugin will

protect your  website from hacking

1.It will inform you that you are login to your site by using username as admin and

it is not good to use username as Admin.That’s why it will give you a warring message to change the username.

2.Normally a WordPress site has a prefix name as wp_ .You can easily change this prefix by giving a new prefix like kabir_.
[Note: people who do not know better about database ,they do not use this option, cause you can damage the site.]

3. This plugin will protect all .htaccess file of your site.

4.It Will protect your site from Bad Login Attempts .Even will not provide an error login message.

5.Removed from meta tags.

6.This will hide your version of WordPress.

7. without the main admin of your blog any upgrade / update does not show to other admin or other user .

I think a lot of Security you will get from this plugin and since the Security facility of ‘better WP Security plugin’ are much more so it must be better to use this plugin to protect your website from hacking or hackers like  WordPress.

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