How to Add Alexa Rank Widget to WordPress Blog

alexa rankink widgetAdding Alexa Rank Widget to WordPress Blog or others website is an important fact to the web site owner or blogger. Though  this widget can not give actual information about a blog site then you can use it.A new reader or visitor can get an idea about a web site popularity to it’s user by seeing it’s alexa rank or Google page rank.

A web site with low alexa rank is considered as more popular for example it’s alexa rank 2 that means it’s popularity is so much high.On the other hand Google page rank are measured between  0-10 range.The higher Page rank of a blog is the best popularity to it’s visitor like Google. which page rank is 10.Low rank in Alexa creates a good impression to the readers.

Why you  Add Alexa Rank Widget to WordPress Blog ?

By the way, if you want to increase your site Alexa rank, then you can add the official Alexa Traffic info Widget to your blog. tracks of your site traffic by using their Alexa Toolbar.

The more people may visit your site with this toolbar, then you  can get better alexa rank day by day for your site.But their is a problem that is all of your readers may not have the Alexa widget toolbar. In this situation,Alexa Widget helps you to track your site traffic for continuously.

I have got benefit form alexa Traffic widget,So I always advice you to add a alexa rank widget to improve your site alexa rank.

How to add Alexa  Rank Widget to WordPress Blog

To add alexa widget to your WordPress Blog you have to follow the following some easy steps:

Step-1:  At first, go to Alexa Widget page

Step-2:Here  offer you 3 kinds of widgets First: Alexa Site Stats Button,Second: Alexa Traffic Rank Button and Third: Alexa Traffic Graph widget. I suggest you to select the first widget Alexa Site Stats Button.

add alexa trafic widget

Give your site address like below on the text box and click on ‘Build Widget’

Step-3: Then you can see some HTML codes, copy these code according to your preferable size

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Step-4:  Now login to your WordPress site dashboard then go to Appearance >> Widgets >>take Text/java-script widget and finally Paste the HTML code on that Text Widget.

That’s it ok , You are done successfully!!!!. if all things are ok,then form now you can see the Alexa rank widget on your WordPress site.

I think this article helps you a lot to provide your site Alexa rank info to your readers.

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