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enjoyment. As a Bangladeshi people, I like to send Bangla eid sms to all my bengali
friend. For Bangladeshi and Bengali people, i perfer to send only bangla sms.
There are lots of new bangla sms are included in this post.

But it will be best if you write an unique bangla sms for this Eid purpose. Do you like in Bangladesh ?
Are you looking for some pre-made unique bangla sms collection then you are in
right place.

Today we are presenting some exclusive bangla sms collection and
those sms will bring smile to the receiver of the messages. Now a days people
likes to send sms on special day.

This process reduces the cost and you can
send 1 single sms to all of your friends and family members. So don’t wait and
don’t miss the most exclusive and unique “Eid Mubarak Bangla SMS 2014?.
Let’s have a look of list of Bangla eid sms  below :


1.EID Mubarak SMS

Earth can Forget Rotating,
Bird can forget flying,
Candle can forget melting,
Heart can forget beating
I’ll never forget to wish You “Happy Eid Mubarak”

2.BEST EID SMS 2015 or top10 sms of bangladesh

^ .
|| _- -_
||(( ))

3. best 10 eid sms in english

Funny EID UL FITR SMS 2015
Look Outside
Its so pleasant!
Sun Smiling For you
Trees Dancing for you
Birds singing for you
Because I requested them All to wish You!

(.*.)EID MUBARAK(.*.)

4. eid mubarak sms english

Best EID SMS wish message text
I wish a wish for u.
The wish i wish for few.
The wish i wish for u is that
your all wishes come true
so keep on wishing
as my all wishes are with you.
Eid Mubarak

5. EID sms 2014 in english

(* Eid-Mubarak *)
The Eid may Brings
Peace & Happiness to
You and Your family

Your Future coming
days may be colorful
as EID Day.

6.EID 2015 best sms

Eid days are meant to celebrate
the goals and the achievements
that make you happiest.
The ideals you beleive in,
the dream you love the best.
==>>Eid Mubarak 2015<<==

7. eid mubarak 2015

May The Magic of This EID
Bring a lots of Happiness in Your Life,

& May You Celebrate it with all Your Close Friends
and may it fill Your HEART with Wonders.

==>EID MUBARAK 2015<==

8.eid mubarak sms

Do you know the Meaning of EID?
I think it means “ENJOY in DUNIYA!!”

So,In your life all moments bring EID for you….
Wish You

==> Happy EID MUBARAK,==

9.ঈদ মোবারক এসএমএস

May this…
Eid Bring Fun, Eid bring Happiness,
Eid Bring God Endless Blessings,
Eid Bring fresh love…
EID MUBARAK to You with all best wishes.

10.ঈদ এসএমএস

I wish a wish for You.
The wish i wish for few.
The wish i wish for you is that
Your all wishes come true
so keep on wishing
as my all wishes are with you.

“Happy Eid Mubarak”

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