Banglalink 2G Internet Data plan / packages (Prepaid )

Banglalink 2g internet data plan or packages for all of the banglalink sim user for their internet using to make easy.To we will provides all banglalink 2g data plan with data amount,data price, validity and package name with subscription code for buying a banglalink 2 g package for internet using.

Daily  packs

Data amountPriceValiditypack name and subscription code
1KBTK .015free
2MBTK 41 DAYP10 OR Dial *222*1*2#
5MBTK 81 DAYP9 OR Dial  *222*1*7#
10MBTK 101 DAYP14 OR  Dial  *222*1*13#
UNL 1TK 201 DAYP11 OR  Dial *222*1*9#
200MBTK 501 DAYP4 OR  Dial *222*1*1#


 Banglalink 2G weekly packs:

Data amountpricevalidityPack name and subscription code
UNL 1TK 707 DAYSP12 OR DIAL *222*1*10#
20MBTK207 DAYSP7 OR Dial *222*1*5#


 Banglalink 2G Fornightly packs:

Data amountpriceValiditypack name and subscription code
55MBTK 5015 DAYSP8 OR Dial *222*1*6#

 Banglalink 2G Monthly  packs:

Data AmountPriceValidityPack Name & Subscription code
50MBTK5530 DAYSP15 OR Dial *222*1*14#
120MBTK10030 DAYSP5 OR Dial *222*1*3#
1 GBTK27530 DAYSP6 OR Dial *222*1*8#
 UNL 1TK 20030 DAYSP 13 OR Dial *222*1*11#
 UNL 1TK 65030 DAYSP2 OR Dial *222*1*4#
 UNL 1       TK 30030 DaySP3 OR Dial *222*1*12#

Note: 15% vat will be included in all  of the above packages.

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