Banglalion Wimax Packages including New PrePaid & PostPaid Plan

  banglalion prepaid, banglalion wimax student package,   banglalion wimax unlimited package,   banglalion wimax prepaid package,   banglalion postpaid,  how to use free internet in banglalion wimax,   Banglalion Wimax Packages including New Prepaid & Postpaid Plan are available here,Recently Banglalion Wimax the largest internet data provider in Bangladesh brings all new Prepaid & Postpaid Plan for their valuable subscriber or users with a title ”

Get Used to getting More “That means From now ,it ‘users will be getting more data at the same old price. Obviously it is a great news for all of the Banglalion Wimax packages or Prepaid & Postpaid Plan/package users.

Banglalion Wimax Internet packages:

Now get used to getting more ,Recently Banglalion Wimax has been updated its all of the postpaid and Prepaid plans to meet customers’ needs.Now all of the postpaid and Prepaid data size has been increased.At prasent All Banglalion Wimax customers will get more data when they purchase New Banglalion Wimax Packages for no extra cost.

Banglalion Wimax Postpaid  pakages:

Banglalion Wimax New Postpaid packages are as follows:

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  1. Additional usage charge is TK. 0.15/MB (VAT applicable)
  2. Fair Usage policy is applicable on King Plans
  3. 15% VAT is applicable on Monthly Fee

Banglalion Wimax Prepaid Plan

No contact, no monthly bills! That’s the flexibility and convenience that Banglalion Prepaid plans offers you. Access the internet as much as you want and whenever you want.

Banglalion Wimax Prepaid  packages:

Banglalion Wimax New Prepaid packages are as follows:

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For Any kind of Help, call Banglalion Hotline at: 09611-556677

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