How do I Change My Name Server or DNS from My Domains Control panel?


DNS which is known as domain name server is an important matter to those guys who has a hosting server including a domain name server. It is important because sometimes we need to change domain server for better performance from previous name server. But most of  us doesn’t  know specially who are new in  the field of  web .But the DNS name server changing process  doesn’t so much hard it is really  an easy process to change the DNS name server.

To change of your DNS name server you should d follow the following necessary steps:


Step-1:At first Go to your domain and hosting provider from here you purchase your domain like or  website or others domain and hosting provider.


Step-2: Sign in to your domain control panel by giving your user id or email and password just like below.

Step-3: After Sign in you can access your domain control panel. Like below

Step-4: Select my domains and then select  ‘Manage Advanced DNS Settings’ then select change Name Server option or button.


Step-5: After step-4 you can see the following interface. Here you have to change or replace your two or three name servers by new domain Name Server just like below. That means  Enter the name servers for the domain name into the Name server entry boxes.

Note: You have only to add the host name of the Name Server. (Like, The IP address of the server is selected automatically.

After the changes are completed, then click Save Configuration.

Please don’t worry this action does not delete the name server itself — it only removes it from being used by this domain name.


Step-6: Then you have to click save or save changes button.  If you want to old Name server then just click on reset button.

Finally you have successfully changed your name server or DNS and it will may take 24-48 hours for fully active.



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