RGB And HEX Color Code Generator With Example

color codes generatorColor code generator is an important application to the web developer and web designer.Web site color matching is a difficult work  without knowing the specific color  and if you know all the color codes number then it is very easy to combine  various color But i think remember a color Hex or RGB code is not so easy so if you use a color picker or a automatic  color generator then is very easy to design a well defined  colorful website otherwise it is little bit complex.

Why you used Color code generator?

A automatic color code generator will help you find out a specific color within a very short time that also increased your work rate and you will able to finish your work timely manner.You can also collect all color code number from this color code generator this also save your valuable time.

Types of color codes:

Color codes number are mainly two types one is RGB means Red,Green and Blue and other is Hex value.RGB codes can be 3 digit or six digit like For Green The RGB Code is #00FF00 or 0f0  and For RED #FFFFFFF.Hex code consists of HEX number For example: For Black: #000000 and for White #FFFFFFF.You can use one of them.

Color code Generator  Wheel

This Color Codes  generator wheel  provides a lot of color but yet if you  don’t find your desired RGB or HEx  code then just write your desired code on the  combo box then you will get your RGB Or HEX  code Number..


Here is  another RGB and HEX  Code Generator Tool:

To get your  desired color it is alternative way ,you can find desired color codes quickly for this just scroll down right side slider and choose a color then you will see the RGB color code number in the below combobox.

There are have also many alternative way to find color codes such as Add owns which is used in Mozilla Firefox name “Rainbow”.To used it just install this add owns in the Firefox Browser.It also avilable in the Google chrome extension.It is easy to use just put the mouse pointer on specific color on various website  then just click and it will automatically copied.

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