Computer Hardware Connection Components

all pc connection

Now a days all we have a personal computer But Most of us does not know all the computer

hardware  connection terminals.

I hope, here everybody can know details about all computer

hardware connection that will be more helpful to everyone.

Here is the list of  major

Computer Hardware Connection Components:

1.Power box connection:

With this power box all the electrical devices of a cpu are connect with electrical power and start their specific task.

 power box

2.Monitor Connection With D-Sub-miniature:

With the following Cables a  Desktop computer  monitor (CRT,LED,LCD&Projector) are connect

with CPU(central processing unit) And that’s Why We can see our certain output on monitor screen.

monitor cable


Full Name:  Universal Serial Bus


Use: USB Is a most Important part of a computer.Everyday We connect,printers,keyboards,mice, Scanners,Modem & Storage device with USB port. 60 Mb/sec data can be transferred trough USB.

4. SATA:

Full Name:

Serial Advance Technology Attachment.



Hard Drives & Optical Devies are connected with SATA. It is as like as PATA. Maximum speed of data passing is: 3Gb/sec.

5.PS/ 2

Full Name:   Personal System/2

USE: It is an input devices by which keyboard,Mouse is connected. Keyboard is connected

with violet color socket & Mouse is connected with Green color socket.


6.Parallel Port:

Full  Name:

Parallel port

USE: It is used as a Printer Port  for  transferring data from pc to printer. Now a days it is replaced 

by USB port.


7. Serial/RSS232:

Full Name:

Recommended standard 232.


USE: It is an i/o port which is used in old computer to transfer Binary data.In Previous,Modem & 

Programmable Electronics Projects has been run by Serial/RSS232.

8. RJ 11 And RJ45 :

Full Name:

Registered Jack 11 and 45.


USE: Normally it is used for Networking purpose. RJ 11 is used for Telephone connection & RJ45 used for Internet connection 11 is small then RJ45. Both has 6 to 8 pin.

9. S-Video:

Full Name:  Super Video


USE: It is an output port by which audio & video data can be transferred.It support after 576i video resulation. It has been seen with DVD Player Graphics  Card.

10. Composite Video part:1:


USE: It is used for analog video outputer. It has three different connector Y, U & V.It can support more than 480i resulation.It’s one  of the port that can transfer only audio or video file at a time.Generally it seen in VCD/VCRs,DVD players,TVs & Graphics Cards.

11.  Composite Video part:2:


USE: It can transfer three Analog video Signals. It has three port name Y, pb & Pr.It is used for high resulation about 1080p.


It  also can transfer both audio & Video at a time.It is seen in DVD Players.TYV

& Graphics/Sound Card.

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