What Are the Difference between Laptop and Notebook ?

Laptop vs. Notebook

difference between laptop and notebook,difference between notebook and laptop,notebook,laptop,laptops,how to choose best laptop,how to choose best notebookThere is a difference between laptop and notebook. Many people think that the same thing can be both.

The Short version of the laptop is notebook.There are several differences between laptop and notebook.

For a better understanding of the difference between laptop and notebook readers are should read the below difference and if you want to buy a best laptop then you should read our post so.

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Difference between laptop and notebook

1. Size: The size of laptops is medium or large. On the other hand the notebook’s size is small.
2. Processor:

Laptop processor is available from Intel Celeron to Intel Core i7. On the other hand, the notebook’s use Intel Atom processor or Celeron processor.
3. Hard-disk: Laptop’s processor speed, hard drive capacity with 5400-7000 rpm and on the other notebooks capacity of the hard disk is Solid Street.
4. Display: Laptop display ranges from 13 to 20 inch and notebook display is less 13 inch.
5. Graphics Card:

NVIDIA graphics card or Intel chip set graphics card is present in a laptop. The utility of the notebook graphics card normal. That means it is just runnable.
6. Disk-Drive: DVD ROM disk is present in laptop but not in the notebook.
7. Eclectic-power: Electric power consumption is more in laptop and is very low in the notebook.
8. Battery-Life:

Laptop battery power backup is up to 3 to 8 hours. On the other hand notebook battery backup is 3 to 13 hours.

The above all are the basic difference between a laptop and a notebook..By understand the difference between  them you can take decision that what you should buy laptop or notebook. Before buying a laptop or a notebook you can see our another post which help you more to buy a best laptop PC for you So…

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