Download Facebook Messenger Free For Windows Windows 8

Download Facebook Messenger free for windows 8  for a standalone desktop application by which you can connect with your Facebook account without visiting the The Top most social media Facebook Released a new Facebook messenger apps for it’s user and you can download it and also try it for use your Facebook account.

Download Facebook Messenger

Now a days most of us use their Facebook account directly going to But You can use the
Facebook Messenger for chating with your Facebook friends all over the world without directly going to .You can also get latest Facebook updates and all notification.

After installing Facebook Messenger,you can easily login and logout in facebook by right -clicking on the
Facebook icon in windows 7 or windows 8 operating system.Once you install the app it will open atometically
on your desktop when your pc will be started and also you can move it or fixed it anywhere on your deskop.
If you choose the “keep me logged in “option then Facebook messenger will keep you logged into Facebook
even after you close your browser and if you choose Exit then then the app will close but still keep you logged into your Facebook account.For your better security you should choose Log out option of both in and also in Facebook  messenger.

Limitations of Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has some limitations For Example:At a time you can’t perform Facebook chat with your multiple friedns and also can not
video chating or video calling.If you want to chat with your multiple friends then you must be logged via

Download Facebook Messenger. Then click on Install now button and it will aromatically download and install Facebook Messenger.The application will automatically install updates in future if it’s new update come on the internet.If you don’t like Facebook Messenger then you  can Uninstall it from your control panel very easily.

Another reputed messenger is yahoo messenger developed by yahoo network.You can also use it by download yahoo messenger from yahoo network.

You can also download Facebook Messenger apps for Android,Blackberry and i Phone. Download Facebook Messenger app For Mozilla Firefox.

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