Easy way to increase Facebook like & Twitter follower

Most of time we use facebook fan page for our professional and personal work. Actually, who have their own website they use facebook page to get visitors in their site. But for getting more visitors everyone needs to increase their facebook like and same thing for a Twitter user. For this sometime I need to face a question, that is- How to increase facebook like & Twitter follower easily. So, today I’m going to tell you the easy way to increase facebook like & twitter follower.

 Easy way to increase Facebook like & Twitter follower

For increasing facebook like & twitter follower or any other social like I got a nice site. The site is- http://www.youlikehits.com .


For using this site-

At first, you need to be a registered member of this site. When you are a registered member of this site you will get 100 bonus points.

When anyone hit like in your page, then your points will decrease.

If you hit the like button of any page of this site, you will receive points.

Here you can fix your page like points (if anyone hit your like button, how much he will receive).

Before hitting the like button of any page, open your like page in anther tab.

Don’t dislike any page.

There is one more thing, that you will freely receive 50 points per day. Also you can buy your points.

By those steps, you can get huge likes and followers in your page.

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