TOP 5 Best Free Android Antivirus Apps 2014

best free  antivirus 2013Dear reader Today  we are going to post  an essential  things that is download top 5 best free android antivirus apps 2014 for your android Phone .It is important cause  now a days most of the people in the world are using android operating system smartphone like, IPhone ,Samsung, Sony,LG and so on. Sometimes android smartphone users download or take some their friend or directly internet and also some time Google Play store.

When we download some important apps like Game, application software then some malware or viruses attract  valuable android os smart phone and as a result our smart phone become slow. For this reason we can’t use our smart phone comfortably and we feel uneasy when use our smart phone.

To get rid of from this problem many antivirus manufacture company create various best mobile antivirus to protect our android smartphone from various viruses or malware threats for both off line and online. These antivirus software protect our smart phone. If we have personal computer then we can also free download Top 5 best free antivirus  2014 for protecting our personal laptop or desktop computer so.


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Now we  will see ,The Top 5 Best free android antivirus apps 2014 for  your Android operating system smartphone:

1. Avast best free Mobile  antivirus:

Avast! Antivirus is one of the best antivirus and most used antivirus by its user in the world. Vast antivirus for android smart device is also become popular by  a lot of user. Because it’s performance is satisfiable to its user.It is really  a good antivirus at now.So you can easily download and  sued for better security of you android phone.

 avast  antivirus for android phone

You can download avast antivirus security apps from Google play for your better security of your valuable android smart phone. Download avast antivirus for mobile security.


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2 .AVG Best free antivirus for Smartphone security:

All of the desktop or Laptop users are known to AVG Antivirus and also known about its performance. No doubt that AVG  is one of the best mobile security app.This Android App Lets you keep  your Android smartphone save from various viruses. You can do manually Scans or also can set schedule scans. It has new feature that is it can scans your smartphone in real time; it scans new files and folder s whether you download from internet or take them from any of your friends. You can easily download AVG best free Mobile Security antivirus

avg mobile antivirus 2013,free antivirus, best free antivirus

3. Best Free McAfee Antivirus for Android phone:

McAfee Mobile phone or Smartphone security is another important antivirus for android Smartphone. It can scan both offline and online theaters which are harmful for our valuable smartphone. McAfee Mobile security is also work as like work in a desktop or laptop pc. Anyone easily download McAfee mobile security from Google play and McAfee mobile security antivirus website. You can easily download free version from here.

best free mcafee mobile security 2013,fre antivirus


4. Lookout Best free Mobile antivirus and Security app:

. Lookout Best Mobile antivirus and Security app is a new app but it’s performance is high. It can able to save your Android Smartphone from various malware or viruses which may attract your android smartphone. It’s scans system is very easy and it can remove all of the theaters from your android phone. Anyone or Smartphone users can easily download from here.

 lookout best virus protection

5. Kaspersky Smartphone Security

Kaspersky Smartphone Security is just like Kaspersky mobile Security. This antivirus security app is most used by VIP users. It’s security and scan performance is so much high then other mobile security app. It can scan all kinds of threats of your android Smartphone and your android phone totally save from both online and offline threats. You can easily download from Google play or Kaspersky Smartphone Security website or you can also download from here.

best kaspersky mobile phone sucurity

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