Free Downloads Code Blocks Compiler version 8 or version 10.5 or version 12.11

code blocksDownloading and installing Code Blocks Compiler is a first and formest work for starting with programming  languages.Because   a compiler is most important for learning a programming language.It helps  to beginner and advance programmer  to write a program code like c or c++, save code, debug or compile the written code and finally run or execute the program code for the desired output.

Now a days a lot of compiler are available in the internet.Some of them are good to use and some of them are not so good to use.According my opinion Code Blocks compiler is the best compiler  for writing and compiling a program code for both beginner and advance level programmer or coder.However a beginner also can use turbo C Compiler for easily understand a c program code.

New Features Of  Code Blocks 10.5 or 12.11 Version:

1. Available  for free download version version 8 or version 10.5

2.Easy to understand

3.Easy to write a program code,saving ,compiling and executing.

4.Very Easy to install Code Blocks Software.

5.Highlight the Brace relation.

6.Helps to detect any kinds of error occur.

7.Rich of Library Function

8.Coloring the main keywords and tokens.

9.Easy to solve a problems or error.

10.comfortable to use this compiler.

Problems of Code Blocks 10.5 or 12.11

1.Some times debug problems occurs.

2.Some time have to face linking problems.

Free download code blocks Compiler &  install code blocks Compiler:

To successfully install code blocks compiler you should follow the following steps;

Step 1- First download code blocks compiler

Step 2- Then unzip the download file

.Step 3- Run the install.exe file on your C drive.

Step 4- Lunch or  open the  code blocks compile

then you will see a  interface like below:

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A sample program written on Code blocks compiler:

int main()
int marks;
printf(" Enter your marks:");
case 20:
case 19:
case 18:
case 17:
case 16: printf("Your Gread is: A+");break;

case 15: printf("Your Gread is: A");break;

case 14: printf("Your Gread is: A-");break;
case 13: printf("Your Gread is: B+");break
case 12: printf("Your Gread is: B");break;
case 11: printf("Your Gread is: B-");break;
case 10: printf("Your Gread is: C+");break
case 9: printf("Your Gread is: C");break;
case 8: printf("Your Gread is: D");break;
default: printf("Your Gread is: F");break;
 } return 0; 

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