How To Change Your Mouse Setting in windows 7 or windows 8?

How Do You Change Right Hand Mouse To Left Hand And Left Hand to Right Hand MouseIn this era of technology we have done our daily necessary Work with computers and a computer has some important input output devices.All of them computer mouse is an essential input device.

Generally We use the mouse with our right hand but some time we get pain in right hand or we can’t do any work with our right handed mouse .In this situation we need to Change our Mouse Setting to use our left handed mouse  for running computer. Dear reader here I will provide a tutorial on

How to Change Your Mouse Setting  or change right handed  mouse to left handed and left handed to right handed

Hope that will be more helpful for us.

We have to follow the following steps to do to Change Your Mouse Setting:

Step 1-   At First go to your control panel

Step 2Then click on printers and other hardware or only mouse.

Step 3- Then click on Button menu.

Step 4- Then select the check box of “switch primary and secondary buttons”

Step 5 Finally click on OK button.

How Do You Change Right Hand Mouse To Left Hand And Left Hand to Right Hand Mouse1

Now you will see that the mouse Setting has been changed that means right button now work as left handed mouse button and left handed mouse button will work as right handed mouse button.

Step 6- if you want to back the previous position then just unchecked the box of“switch primary and secondary buttons and then click on OK button.

Image source: whstatic & bdrong

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