How to active / Enable Public Folder in Dropbox?


Dropbox is a totally free of cost service that provides  you  some special feature to bring all your , docs, photos and also videos  anywhere and anytime.  The files that you  save to your Dropbox will also automatically save to all your computers, phones, and even the it’s website This means that you can start working on your computer at school, college, University even anywhere where your feel more comfortable.

To take this feature you must follow following rules:

1. First Go to

2.Download and install it

2. Sing up or Register if you new  in Dropbox

3.If you already have  an account than just Login by giving User name and  password.

4. Then you will get your dropbox profile an icon on your desktop.


How to  work  Dropbox?

It is totally easy to use and more comfortable. For this you should know the following things:


After  installing Dropbox on your computer, a  folder is created that name. Then you can see a

Drop box folder, This folder is just like any other  folder on your computer.Any file you save to your Drop box folder is also saved to all  your other computers, phones, and  also to the it’s website.

On top of your Drop box is a green icon that lets you know how your it is doing:

1.Green circle and check: All the files in your Drop box are up to date.

2. Blue circle and arrows: Files in your Dropbox are currently being updated.


How to add a files or folder  to your Dropbox:

Step 1  Drag and drop a files into your Dropbox folder on your desktop.

Step 2  The blue icon refers to your file’s syncing with Dropbox.

That’s it! The green icon means that your file has finished saving  to your other computers and also to the Dropbox website. Now that your files in Dropbox, any changes made to it will be automatically

detected and updated to your other computers.


How to use The DropBox:

First  Right-Click (Windows/Linux) or Control-Click (Mac) a file or folder in it, you’ll see a menu that lets you do a few neat things with Dropbox:

1. Share a Folder Invite your friends, family and teammates to a folder in your Drop box. It’ll be as if you

saved that folder straight to their computers.

2.View Previous Versions View a record of changes made to a file. You can choose to go back to an earlier version of a file if you’d like.

3. Browse on Drop box Website View a file on the Drop box website.

4. Get Link Make a link to any file or folder in your Dropbox. You can then send this link to anyone you’d   like to view the file — even if they don’t have Dropbox!

Before using dropbox properly you have to enable public folder in dropbox

How to Enable  Public Folder in Dropbox:

Don’t worry! All  new Dropbox  users, you can still create public folder on Drop box  folder by following the link,

then click on “enable public  folder” button on dialog shown.Hope you can do enable public folder in dropbox

And finally enjoy your Drop box by properly  using  it.

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