How To Choose a Best Laptop Computer or Notebook Computer 2014

Computer,laptop,laptops,best laptop,atest laptop,new laptop, laptop reviews, latest laptops.Choosing a best laptop computer or notebook computer 2014 is a very important fact to the new user or old desktop computer user. Because if you choose a laptop computer or notebook computer with low disk space,low speed of processor ,RAM and less time backup of it’s battery then it can impact bad affect in future to use your laptop effectively.

That’s why it is an important matter “how to choose a best laptop or notebook computer.If you can  select a best laptop or notebook computer then you can use it very comfortably for the long run and you will be benefited  for taking a right decision.

Dear reader,I’m  writing this article for you about

How to choose a  laptop or notebook computer :

You should read  all the steps of my post.So that you can apply these knowledge at the time of buying a laptop computer.

Step 1- First you have to decide that what will you do with your laptop computer.Do you use it for simple work ,like school work or play game.

Step 2- Then choose a brand that means what companies laptop or notebook do you like best.You can buy hp laptop,Dell,acer laptop, asus laptop,Samsung,Toshiba laptop,Sony VAIO Laptops and if your budget is high then can choose Apple mac book pro or apple notebook.

Step 3- If you want to use it for work like programming,apps developing then choose a laptop with at least 2GB RAM,500 GB Hard Disk,4 hour’s battery backup and inter Core i5 or Core i7 processor.

Step 4-  If you want to use it for doing your school and home  work then choose simple laptop computer with at-least 1GB RAM, 250 GB Hard disk with 3 hour’s power backup and Duel core or core 2 due Intel processor.

Step 5-  if you want to use it for gaming then you should choose a best laptop computer or notebook computer with 8GB RAM(Random Access Memory), 500 GB or 1TB Hard Disk with 4 to 5  hour’s battery backup ,Graphics card and Intel Core i7 Processor.

I hope if you buy or choose a laptop computer by following the above’s steps then you will able to use your laptop computer or notebook computer very comfortably and effectively.

You can also choose apple laptop and Sony VAIO Laptops for your better choose and better performance.

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