How to connect Lan or Local area Network


cross over connectionConnecting LAN  MANand WAN,between two Computer is a very important fact to the internet user. In this case you have to cut the UTP cable. The distance of UTP Cable at most 100.

If it is more than 100 Meter then you   have to use a HUB/Switch between every 100 meter.Use Crimper for cut the CAT6 Cable.

After cutting   the Cable You can see 8 more thin Cable. These colors   are Blue, Green, and Brown/White. It is CAT 6 then you can also see a plastic part.

Now  Learn How to connect LAN:  

Normally 8B RJ45 Connector can be connected in two ways:

  1. T568A
  2. T568B

See the following figure:

lan connection

 In above figure pin 1 to 8 A technique has been seen to design a connection.   If you want to setup a  LAN  between same device (pc to pc).

Then you have to need Crossover Cable connection. That is one terminal Combination is T568A  and  other terminal combination is T568B.

To clear Crossover Cable connection

 you can see the following example:

cross over connection

But if you want to setup a  LAN among more than one pc. Then you have to need Switch/HUB and also need a Straight cable connection .

Then the terminal cable combination is T68A or T568B. That is one of them.

To clear  Straight cable connection

you can see the following example:

staright connection

Here is a list of networking that explains where you use Crossover Cable connection and Straight cable connection.

 Use straight-through cables connection in :

        1. Computer to switch

 2. Switch to router

  3. Computer to hub

Use Crossover Cable connection  in:

     1. Switch to switch

2. Switch to hub

                                                              3. Hub to hub

4. Router to router

5. Computer to computer

6. Computer to router

After cutting 8 cables with same size. Then push these cables into the connector and notice that no cable does not overlap with each other.

If all things is right than you can setup the Connector into 8B Connector of Cr-imper.

Then apply a force on lever of Cr-imper.

Finally you can hear a sound and your connection successfully complete similarly MAN and WAN network connection is also as like as LAN..

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