How To Convert A Page Into Post or How To Convert A post Into Page


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How To Convert A Page Into Post or How To Convert A post Into Page is an essential need to the WordPress user cause some time WordPress user feel need  of it.

Now a day’s WordPress is one of the most popular and largely used Content management System(CMS).It’s popularity is increasing day by day for it’s huge number features specially who are involving with blogging like me. Sometimes we feel especially who have a website and write some things on their blog site to Convert A Page Into Post and someone feel to Convert A post Into Page and we can

complete this task very easily with help  of wordPress plugin named PTypeConverter.This plugin will convert any of your posts into pages and also can convert any of your pages into posts.

To Convert A Page Into Post or How To Convert A post Into Page you have to follow following steps:

Step 1- Install the PTypeConverter Plugin

Step 2- For this Navigate to the plugins section on the WordPress Dashboard page and click Add New.

add new

Step 3-Type PTypeConverter  into the Search box and click the search plugins button.

install plugins

Step 4-Then Click on plugin’s Install Now link


Step 5-The plugin will install.When complete it then click on Activate Plugin link.

plugins installed

Step-6 Find PTypeConverter in the Tools Section of your WordPress Dashboard page.

PtypeConverter plugins

Step7- Select Page or post from drop down list that you will want to convert.


Step 8- PTypeConverter will show you a message that the items you was selected has been converted.


Stpe 9-The Page is now a post that can be accessed in the post section of your WordPress admin page.

page is noe post

Now all of the pages will appear like post and you can easily access them from the post section of WordPress  Dashboard Panel.

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