How To convert an image into circle


 circlePictures or photos which loves everyone. If a picture or photos comes to our face in different shapes then our mind become also charmful  We can make a picture eye catching by some technique For example we can convert a picture square to circle, we can convert rectangle to circle shapes. Even a circular and square picture draw your attention towards the center of an image. We can create both types of shapes by an image editor such as Photoshop, Microsoft Power point and paint.Net. Dear learner Here, I will provides Two technique how to convert a picture into circle and square. I hope that will be more helpful for everyone.

Converting a Square image into Circle By Photoshop:

Here are needed Steps to

 Convert an image into circle :

  • At first Select “File” and “open” from Photoshop menu bar. Find and double click on the image that you want to modify. Select the ‘Elliptical Marquee’ tool from the tool bar of Photoshop.

humayun 256

  • Click the top-left corner of the image. Hold and down the “shift”key as you drag your mouse  to the bottom, right corner of the image to constrain the selection.

draw circle

  • Then Right click on the image and Select “New” and ‘Layer via Copy’ or press Ctrl+j to copy the selection into another layer.

crop an image

  • Go to the Layers palette and select the layer that contains the original image you copied. Click the ‘Eye’ icon to hide  layer from view, so you can only see the circular picture is visible.

Convert an image into Circle or various Shapes By Microsoft Power Point:

To do this you have to follow the following Steps:

Step 1: Open the Microsoft power Point  then click File and then new .Then you can see a New Blank canvas.

Step 2:Then go to insert button then click  picture and you have to a load picture.After Loading a picture you can see the following picture.

circle croping

Step 3: Then You have a select a  picture Styles from above menu bar. here i have select semi-circle picture style.After selecting a picture style you can see the output follow below.

conver an image intu circle

Here  you can see more picture style .so a select a style then save as like circle.jpg or others format.

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