How To Create Blood Effect Text With Photoshop

BLOOD TEXT EFFECT FINALCreate blood effect text  with Photoshop is an interesting things to the Photoshop user & learner and  Photoshop which is used for editing photos.It can do not-only  photo  editing but also can do edit various  text and gives a  new style  to a  text.For Example Blood effects ,Texture effect,Blur effect, shadow effect and so on.Dear   reader here ,i will discuss a special  feature of Photoshop under our Photoshop tutorials categories that is how to create blood effect text.Hope everybody can do it  very easily .

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How to create blood effect text in Photoshop  :

To complete this work please follow the following step:

Step 1- open the Photoshop Program and Click on File then click New button then give width 450 pixel and height 300 and resolution 300 and to do background black select paint bucket tool and set foreground color black then paste on the canvas.Now select text tool and write a text on the canvas with white color.



Step 2- Go to image menu then rotate canvas then select 90  degree CW then you will see the following figure.

90 cw

Step 3GO to Filter Menu then Stylize then select wind like below.


Step 4- Keep following setting press OK button. Then Press ctrl+F one or two times.


Step 5-To back previous canvas go to image menu then select rotate canvas then select 90  degree CCW then you will see the following figure.


Step 6- To give Blood Effect on the text go to filter menu then select  Distort  then Ripple.


Step 7– A new window will come with Ripple name and fill Amount box with 50% or 100% or 276%.


Step 8- Now select the Text layer and then press ctrl key then click on text layer and you will see the Text with selection.

To give blood effects on the Text select foreground color red and then press ctrl+Backspace one or two times.



Now you have successfully complete your task and finally  you will see the following blood effected text.


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image source:techtunes

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