How to Create Photo Gallery With Photoshop

Create photo gallery With Photoshop is an interesting things.However ,it is know to all that Photoshop is a powerful photo editing software that provides a lot of photo editing features also provides some special feature to do special task.

But Most of us don’t know how to use these feature. Dear reader here , i will provide a special feature of Photoshop by using Photoshop command under  Photoshop tutorials categories that is how to create photo gallery without any html and css code.

You can also Create a lot of 3D text effect so

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Create photo gallery in Photoshop:

To do this you have to follow the following Steps:

Step 1 First Keep some photos or picture in a folder on your computer by which you want to create photo Gallery.

Step 2-  Run the Photoshop program then go to File and then go Automate and finally select web photo gallery just like below:

photo gallary

Step 3Select a photo galleries Style here i select Centered Frame 1 -basic,then E-mail it is optional.

Step 4Click on Browse Button select the path where you keep the images folder and also select the destination folder where you
want to save the output like below.

photoshop tutorial

Step 5- then press ok button and wait some times because in this time the Automate command create the desired photo gallery.

Step 6 go to destination folder where you save the output file ,here you can see some files that are created after pressing Automate command .

Step 7-Then click or open the index.html file with you browser like Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Finally you can see desired photo galleries looks like below:

Web Photo galary

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