How to install photovoltaic solar panels

how-solar-pannel-workMaking and installing How to make and install photovoltaic solar panels are vital needs at present in the world.Because the need of electricity is increasing day by day because it use in various purpose and a lot of new industries ,firm office, school, college are increasing more and more but electricity production rate is so much low that can not provides enough electricity to the customer. As a result the problem of electricity are increasing more day by day.

Form this concern the scientists think alternative way to produce electricity power which help to reduce its materials such ,natural gas ,oil, coal and others.
Now a days ocean water are used to produce electricity by using turbine blade and from here come more energy.

According to the scientists Solar energy may be a big alternative way to reduce electricity problem in the world.

How to make and install photovoltaic solar panels

To overcome the present situation in America Google  take a big project by storing energy to produce current which known as solar energy. it contains energy which can supply energy to continuous 25000 car for 25 years.

In America by using wind they produce current by stored energy and it also another way to produce electricity.
Without electric power we can not do anything which is can be possible in a shortest way.

But in present situation in Bangladesh Government sold electricity to her countries people as same as rate which can people produce electricity by using generator.

Our government should reduce corruption in the power plant sector. Most of the power plant in Bangladesh is quick rental power plant which is used to produce electricity.

Our government should help to the people by increasing awareness among people to use Solar energy and wind fan which is modern technology and can reduce electricity problem.

Man can easily make solar energy by using photoelectric solar panels in their home by their self.From solar panel sun light reflected and heat transfer to storage and stored it in a dc 12 v battery and a DC 12 volt battery provides electric energy to run electric devices like light,fan and television.
People of India and many other developing countries  are using solar energy which is produced from photoelectric solar panel or solar cell for cooking,for lighting and many other purpose by saving electric power.

So i think photovoltaic solar panels or photo-voltaic solar energy panels which run by sun light can be a big alternative way to reduce the pressure of electricity problem in the world.

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