How to Install WordPress On Server

How to install wordpress on your computerInstall  WordPress On a Server has become an important factors to the WordPress user. Cause now a days WordPress is most widely used and more popular content management system(CMS). The important factor is that – it is an open source software.

So anyone can design and manage a CMS according to their choice by using WordPress. It is made of mainly php and mysql. So one needs not know about php, mysql, html in details.

But if anyone wants to be a professional, then he must know details  about html, php, mysql, css etc to be a professional wordPress developer.


 Install WordPress on your server:

To install  WordPress  on your server you have to follow the following Steps:

Step 1- Download WordPress from here.

Step 2- Open WSFTP Software and logging using

User id: examplecom


Step 3- if server is connected then select public_html

Step 4 -Upload all WordPress files from computer into your server via WS_Ftp Software and it takes several time.


Step 5- Write on browser your site address salas cpanel like:


Step 6- Give user name and password then login. Then you will see the following Cpanel.


Step 7-For Creating Database go to  MySQL Database and give a database name and user name then press create database  and user  click on add user button.


creat user

Step 8- After clicking Add user you see a new window and click on all privileges then make changes.


Step 9- Now go to your browser and write your site address then you will see the WordPress configuration page .

configure pageJPG

Then you will see let’s go page

lets go

Step 10- Then you will get database connection details page here  you  have to fill up it like below then click on submit button.


Then you can a see page like below here you have click  Run the install.

run the install

Then you will get a message like below.


step 11 – Now go to again on a browser and write your site address then Salas wp-lonin.php like: then you will see following page.

Step 12- Give user name and password then click on login.


Step 13-After click on login you will see your dashboard like below.


Finally Visit your site and you will see your site with WordPress default themes like below.

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