How Can You Make A Mobile Phone Charger


mobile-phone-battery-charger-circuitMaking a cell phone charger or a mobile Phone Charger is an interesting for electronic lovers.However in the field of telecommunication, mobile phone is a essential part of our daily life & for this mobile phone a phone charger is vary essential to operate. To operate many electronic devices ,a fixed dc supply voltage is required. Dear reader, here i provide a tutorial on how to make a cell phone charger that  will act as both cell phone charger& adjustable power supply output.Hope this will be more helpful to everybody.

Required parts list to Make A Mobile Phone Charger

¨Semiconductors:                     • LM 317 – 1 piece
¨                                                    • L 7806cv – 1 piece
¨                                                    • LED – 1 piece
¨                                                    • Diode 1N 4001 – 8 pieces
¨                                           •25v/250μF – 1 piece
¨                                           •25V/ 10μF – 1 piece
¨                       • 1 KΩ, 1/2 W – 1 piece
¨                       • 220Ω, 1/2 W – 1 piece
¨                       • 5 KΩ, Potentiometer – 1 piece
¨                   • 1A, Multi-tap Transformer – 1 piece
¨                  • AC Chord – 1 piece
¨                  • Heat sink for TO220

Circuit Diagram for  Mobile Phone Charger

mobile phone charger circuit

Operations a mobile phone charger:

This circuit can be divided into two parts. one is charger & another is adjustable power supply. For the charger part, supply voltage (220V) is applied to the 12V Multi-tap Transformer then it is converted to 6V by using IC L7806CV.

Then full wave rectification is performed by a bridge rectifier & capacitor C3 is connected in parallel to charger output terminal which provides pure dc output. For adjustable power supply part, 12V provided by the transformer is applied to a bridge rectifier to perform full wave rectification. Here a LED is used which indicates power supply is on. IC LM317 limits maximum output. The output voltage can be adjusted by adjusting

Introduction of IC’s :

LM317   :        3 – Terminal voltage Adjustable
 L7806CV :
                                               • Output voltage 6V
                                               • Thermal overload
                                               • Short circuit protection
                                               • Output transition so a

PCB Layout of a  Mobile Phone Charger :

cell phone charger pcb layout

Applications of a mobile phone charger:

¨This circuit provides adjustable power supply & charger output. The charger circuit can be use for cellular (Mobile) phone. The adjustable output serves as multipurpose power supply. It can handle a 1 ampere current. The L7806CV must have a heat sink

Output of this mobile phone charger circuit:

This cell phone charger output voltage is 6 V (DC)
& Adjustable power supply voltage is up to 12V (DC)

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