15 Ways To Speed Up Your Website Load Times

To Speed up  a website the  first and formest duty for a website owner.In present world the internet speed is increased as a ressult the tolarence of an user become less for this if the load time of a website is high then the website is rejected by the visitors.However,Google also gives priority to take in first page of the search result of those site  which have comparatively less load time than others.So a bloger or a website owner should keep less load time for better responsce from the visitors and the Google search engine.To do speed up your website load times you can follow the following 15 ways. Hope, if you use these ways your site will be faster then before.


Here is the List of :

15 Ways  To Speed Up Your  Website Load Times

1. Chooseing a Good Server

Before starting a your blog or your website you should choice  a good server and hosing who will provides you a better services.Because sometimes load times also increased for server response.You can choose from here.

2.Enable browser caching or Browsing history

Enable your broser cachimg or browser history because it can help to speed up your site to those visitors who are come returns or visits second times.For you can also use a plugins which is w3 Total cache.

03.Remove Unnecessary plugins

Remove or deactive all kinds of unused plugins from your site.It will must help to decreased your website loads times.

04.Keep your site’s scripts up to date

All type of scrips like CSS scripts and javascripts keeps up to date.If can keep less CSS script then it is better for faster load.

05.Making Landing page redirects cacheable

Make landing pages redirects cacheable and it helps you to reduces you website loading time for those visitor who are visit before.As a result your site will be faster then before loading time.

06 .Use a CDN(content delivery network)

Using a Content devery network(CDN) is good practices to a web site owners.It helps to dever your contents to it’s user very quickly when a user sarch his desired content by seaching on deiffernt search engine.

07.Content elements minimize

Minimize your comtents elements  such as images,tags, title e.t.c as much as possible.It helps more to load your site  rapidly and reader can read your content comfortablely.

08.Ruery String remove from static resorces

Remove all kinds of ruery string from your static resources.It also decreses  your web site load times.

09. Minify your codes

Minify all types of codes of your site.It will make your site more faster to load on a browser.

10. Avoid bad request

Alwayes avoid bad request For example: Not found 404,301 that means avoid allkinds of Crowl error of your site.

11.Resize images

You should  resize all images before uploading not only width and height also change format by photoshop or painttools.Use JPG or png format images.To modify your images use photoshop then save for web format.It will must be helped to decrease loading time for a website.

12. pleace all css filess at the top of your page and then javascript files

CSS files and Javascrips or jequery files are common elements for a website.if you used css file before Javascript files then your site will be faster to load.

13.Enable Gzip Compression

Gzip compression is an important technique for a website.It helps to a load website quickly.So you should enable the Gzip compression.

14.keep your images on a separate domain like Amazon s3

You can use separate domain for used only for images like Amazon S3 which provides a lot of space for storing all types of iimages.

15.Keep your site design Simple

Keep your website design simpe rather than colorful because colorfull site takes more times to load on a browser.

If  anyone follow these  ways then his/her site must be faster.You can also speed up your computer from here.

Image source: blog.hostgator.com

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