How to Store Medicines and Drug Properly or Appropriately ?


How to Store Medicines ProperlyStore Medicines and Drug Appropriately or Properly   is an important matter for our health .It can be caused of our death if we can’t use or save them properly or Storing medicine safely .

So we should become aware about the appropriate storage of drugs and also should aware before it use. We should check the expiration date of a drug on the package and also should follow the instruction on the drug or medicine package.

Dear learner here, I will provide some important techniques about appropriate drug store or how to Store your medicines properly. Hope these techniques will be more helpful to save our life.

Here is Best Guidelines for the Store medicines and drug:

1. If we can’t save the drug properly according to the expiration date on the package. Then it will be damaged or end before the expiration date of the specified period.

2. If we can store the drugs or medicines in an air -conditioned rooms then it will very nice way to protect drug or medicines. But it will not be right way to keep the drugs or the medicines around the kitchen room or waited place.

3. No drugs or medicines should not be kept in place where the temperature is more than 5 degrees Celsius.

4. A place where the temperature is between two to four degree Celsius, this place is called cold storage for the drug store.

5. It is said the dry place of normal temperature, where the temperature is within 8 degrees Celsius from 25 degree Celsius.

6. Some drugs are damaged by the ultraviolet ray of sun .So these drugs should   keep away from the direct sunlight. For this reasons the drug companies are marketed their drugs or medicines with a lot of rocks and colored glass bottles to protect the drugs from ultraviolet ray or from the direct sunlight.

7 The drug or medicines can be refrigerated, if there have any order on the package. Without any order or knowledge you should not refrigerated any drugs or medicines.

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