What is 3G Network & How to Use 3G Network Services

Waht is 3G Network?

3g ,3g network3G network services refers to the 3rd Generation network or  new technology in mobile or telecommunication sector . In normal words, it is a one kind of network by which you will get fast data speeds or download speed to on your cell phone or on your smartphone.

By using 3G network you can do much more than just talk with cell phone device or your android smartphone.You can also use 3G network on your tab. This network provides you high-speed Internet access, video chatting ,video calling with your friends and family and also introduce with multimedia experience.

What can You do with 3G?

With 3G you will be able to enjoy a lot of features like below:

  • 3G users can faster download video songs,audio songs, video clip from you tube, high resolution online images and other files and so on.


  • You can access high speed mobile internet on your cell phone ,smartphone even on your PC.
  • The quality of voice calls service is much more better in 3G network then 2G network services.
  • 3G Network subscribers can use their cell phones for high speed internet access as long as they are stay under 3G network coverage.
  • 3G Network user can enjoy both video call facility and normal call facility at a time.Even they can be able to see live each other during speaking it is only possible when both have 3G Network services and also must have 3G-enabled handsets like Samsung,iPhone,Sony xpera, Walton promo smartphone and so on
  • 3G Network Provides its users to send video emails and video clips like mp4, mp3,. avi  format video etc. format to their best friends.
  • All of the 3G Networks users can enjoy Live TV programs on various channels on their smartphone while they are moving or running.

 How can I use 3G? or What do I need for 3G Network?

If your SIM cards are 64K which means they are 3G compatible. That’s why you have no need a new SIM but you have to change its settings .For access 3G Network, you have to must fulfill the below requirements:


  • First you have to parches a SIM card which provides 3G Network services such as gramophone ,Aritel,Robi, Banglalink and so on
  • You must have to a 3G-supported handset or smartphone
  • 3G package or a 3G subscription

Do I need a Separate number or a new 3G SIM?

No, you do not need a new SIM or a separate number to enable 3G network . Your current SIM is 3G compatible and all 3G service provider will activate your 3G package on your existing mobile number or SIM card.

How do I change my network settings to run  3G network?


  • For this First, Go to your Phone Settings,
  • Select Network Settings or Network Mode,
  • Select Dual Network / 2G & UMTS mode/ 2G & 3G mode
  •  finally Press OK to Save.

On what factors does 3G network speed depend?

3g network speed

  • Firstly it depends on your subscribed Data Package Speed.
  • 2. Secondly,speed depends on handset condition, coverage, number of network traffic and number of users currently using the 3G network services at a certain region at a particular point of time.

How could I get 3G SIM with Connection?

You can buy the connection from any of your nearby Customer Care or 3G Network services provider like::Gramophone ,Aritel,Robi,Banglalink and so on

What is 3G,3.5G and 3.75G?

3g network, ,3g network speed,

3G means UMTS which maximum Speed is Upto 3.2 Mbps
3.5G Means HSDPA/HSUPA which maximum Speed is Upto 14 Mbps
3.75G Is the latest and Last Up-gradation which is called HSPA and Its maximum Speed id up to 21 Mbps.

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