How to use Syntaxhighliter Plugins in wordpress


Syntaxhighliter Plugins SyntaxHighlighter plugins is a totally functional self-contained code syntaxhilighter which is written in JavaScript and  developed by Alex Gorbatchev. By using SyntaxHighlighter plugins anyone can give easily post without having to modify the code at all. If you want use it and want to highlight a post code then first download it from Syntaxhighliter Plugins . After downloading and installing you have to change some of setting of this plugins. So go to Installed Plugins and click setting link and setup  all information like following page.

For get help How to use Syntaxhighliter Plugins in wordpress

SyntaxHighlighter Settings After completing setting you have to implement it: For Example: if want to highlight a c programming code then you have to use following code structure. <pre  class=”brush:cpp”>  // it is starting code [You have to write or paste a  c programming code here] </pre>             // ending code If you want to highlight other languages like: HTML,PHP,CSS Then use the following code For HTML code: <pre  class=”brush:html”>  // it is starting code [You have to write or paste a  c programming code here] </pre>             // ending code For PHP code: <pre  class=”brush:php”>  // it is starting code [You have to write or paste a  c programming code here] </pre>             // ending code

The Syntaxhighliter are support the following languages:

c cpp php css html sql javaScript java actionscript3 bash clojure coldfusion cpp csharp css delphi erlang fsharp diff groovy java javafx matlab (keywords only) objc perl powershell python r ruby scala vb xml text

 Live Example of How to use SyntaxHighlighter Plugins:

<pre class=”brush:cpp”> #include <stdio.h> int main() { printf(“How to use Syntax Highlighter Plugins”); return 0; } </pre> Output of the Above code is:

#include <stdio.h>

int main()


printf("How to use Syntax Highlighter Plugins");

return 0;


Note that you must have to write or paste a program code in visual mode and have to write <pre class=”brush:cpp”> in text/html mode of beginning of the program code & </pre> also have to write in Text/html mode in the end of the program code.

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