How To Work Text To Speech Converter In Android Operating System

	 text to speech, text a speech, text to speech converter, text to speech online,	 text and speech,	 best text to speech,	 text to speech text to speech, text to speech free, 	 text to speech online, android text to speech, Text To Speech  in Android.Text To Speech Converter  In Android Operating System designed mainly for touchscreen mobile devices For example smartphone and tablet computer. Android is the world’s most widely used  platform for smartphone. One of the many features that Android provides out of the box is the one of “speech synthesis”. This is also known as “Text-To-Speech” (TTS) and is mainly the capability of the device to “speak” text of different languages. This feature was introduced in version 1.6 of the Android platform.

Working procedure of Text To Speech Converter In Android Operating System :

The Application takes a text as an input and speaks it using speech synthesis. There is an input text field and a button for speak out. At first when the Application starts, it checks that if the requirement for the Application is installed, using the TTS API is to check if it is actually supported by the device. For that purpose there is a special action named ACTION_CHECK_TTS_DATA which is included in the Text To Speech Engine.

If speech synthesis is not installed then it is installed by using the command ACTION_INSTALL_TTS_DATA. Now before using the TTS engine, app checks if it has properly been initialized by implementing an interface called OnInit Listener. The method onInit will be invoked when the engine initialization has completed with the accompanying status.

Now the App is ready for speak. After taking the text as input ,the speak command is used to speak the text. The relevant method is named speak, where the text, the queue mode and some additional parameters can be passed. It is important to describe queue mode. It is the queuing strategy to be used by the TTS engine,

[Note]: what to do when a new text has been queued to the engine. There are two options:

QUEUE_ADD: the new entry is added at the end of the playback queue

QUEUE_FLUSH: all entries in the playback queue (media to be played and text to be synthesized) are        dropped and replaced by the new entry.

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