Top 10 Tips How To Write Good Cover Letter For oDesk Job With Sample

 cover letter,  sample of cover letter,   cover letter sample,   cover letter examples,   cover letter for job,   cover letter samples,   job cover letter,   example cover letter,   what is cover letterTop 10 Tips How To Write Good Cover Letter For Odesk Job are more important Matter to all of the odesk freelancer specially for those people who are new in online Market place.Because It is not Easy to write a good Cover letter for odesk job. Not  only odesk but also others freelancer site like,e lance,script lance com and so on

.For this most of us are become frustrated to do work in online market place lack of knowledge about how to write a standard cover letter to get a job form o desk.But If anyone can write a good cover letter by following below top 10 tips and tricks about How To Write A Good Cover Letter For Odesk Job,then i will insure you that you get  a a job form odesk.So let’s go to details below top 10 tips.

Top 10 Tips How To Write A Good Cover Letter For oDesk ?

Tips-1: Before applying To a job,Read the job application/descriptions very carefully.Don’t write any thing that is not related to the client requirements or Job description.It’s shows that you really  did’n’t  read through the job description or you have no skill about the job.


Tips-2:Give Some Test  on oDesk where your are  skilled and  add your test result in your profile,Highlight your relevant skills in briefly.These can help a Buyer to verify your skill and he must  impress to you.

Tips-3:If possible, share some important links to relevant work experience that means your previous live work sample.

Tips-4: Keep you active in online as much as possible,because you never know when the buyer come in online and want to contact with you.


Tips-5: Be Fully confident.Don’t say you can provide the work with 110% guarantee,But be confident in your skills and abilities.


Tips-6:Be creative ,based on the Job,There is a big chance to win a job over more employer by writing a creative relevant cover letter.

Tips-7 Explain your current availability.If you have any others project on running then discuss in brief in your cover letter.

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Tips-8:Check your Spelling in your cover letter and also proof-read then submit. Give your communication medium and available time to contact with buyer.

Tips-9:Don’t Copy and past your cover letter form others cover letter or form online because it is too much risk to be banned form oDesk forever.


Tips-10: provide your Contact information and best times to communicate with the client.You should must mention your communication medium (Facebook,Skype,GTalk,yahoo messenger) and available time to contact with the buyers.

Two Live Cover Letter Example ,How To Write A Good Cover Letter For Content writing  Job In oDesk :


Dear Hiring Manager,

Thank you very much for your job posting because it is short in description but very clear and easy to understand. I was looking for a job like this. I can do your job perfectly and also assure you that my work will be 100% satisfied to you.
***I can provide you 60 articles per week. And I need 45 minutes to write a 500 words article.
Your best Regarding,


Dear Sir,
I am a SEO Expert having great English Language Skills. I have also cleared an international English Language Testing Exam. So Working with English Language and Communicating in English Would not be a problem for me.
I usually follow the content creation policies to promote the Keywords and the URLs. I have very good track record on Article, Document Sharing and Blogging sites. I follow these techniques not to optimize site on Google; even to generate relevant traffic to the site.
The techniques I follow are as follows:
1. Article Submission
2. Blog Submission
3. Blog Commenting
4. Document Submissions
5. Forum Posting
6. Video Submission and so on.
Besides this other Off-page SEO Techniques which I follow are : Social Bookmarking, Directory Submission and so on.

I am available in online  through Skype,GTalk and yahoo messenger.


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