What is My IP Address | Find My IP Address | Check My IP address

what is ip addressWhat is My IP Address or Find My IP Address or Simply Check My IP Address is an important fact to the all of the internet user.Every computer have a unique IP address with help of a unique IP address we can operate internet connection,we can also do sharing internet between two or more pc.If you want to LAN then IP address must be Unique for both Computer.

What is IP Address?

IP means Internet Protocol.This an Unique address  all over the world.Without  a IP Address No one can connect with internet as a result he/she can not use internet on their computer. IP Address are varies with country wise.Every different countries have a different  Internet Protocol or IP Address.

What is BD IP Address or Bangladeshi IP Address?

As IP address varies with country wise so Bangladesh has some different IP address ,Most used bd IP address are given below:

bd ip address one:

bd ip address Two:

bd ip address Three:

Bangladeshi IP address:


How can You Check Your IP Address or how can you find your IP Address?

Dear visitor,You can easily check your IP address or you can easily Find Your IP  Address with country name ,server name and also with Operating system and Browser Name.

You can also know location of your Present time. below.


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