Why does your laptop battery die fast?

Why does your laptop battery die fast?


Why does your laptop battery die fast?

Every household these days’ has more than one laptop which is used for a number of purposes. Whether you are at work, school or at home, life without a laptop is almost impossible. An ecommerce report by a popular online store in Bangladesh named Kaymu states; that the total number of searches and the most talked about product category is electronics. In specifically laptops and mobiles have the highest percentage of online searches till date. Also the highest traffic generated on another online marketplace called PriyoShop is on their electronics page. There are several brands from which one can select their favorite laptops in Bangladesh.

Several times people face the problem of their laptop battery draining out too quickly. Many people blame the brand but the problem occurs because of how you are using your laptop. Here are few tips that will help you save battery and use your laptop efficiently.


Change your Display Settings

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Perhaps the most common problem is the display setting to which not everyone pays attention. The more the brightness is of a device, the more battery will be consumed and drain out. Whether you are using Windows laptops or MacBook, go on the display setting option and adjust the brightness. It is recommended that you select the “automatic adjust brightness” which will adjust the brightness of the screen according to the environment. In order to avoid using the laptop charger again and again to charge the device, just adjust the brightness.

Battery Saver Options

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All computers have a battery saver option just like in a cell phone. This mode helps save battery by limiting background activities and push notifications. This option is available on Windows 10 and all types of MacBook. You can also use the sleep option when the laptop is idle to prevent the battery from draining out too quickly. A HP laptop battery works the best during the entire day on power saving mode.


Turn off Wireless Adaptors

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When you are not using the computer, it is recommended to turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. These two wireless adaptors use the most battery time in a laptop so when you are trying to save battery, simply turn these off.

Keyboard backlighting



Most laptops have keyboard backlighting that drain out battery very quickly. There is no need for this lighting so it is better to turn it off. Just go on the keyboard settings on the laptop and switch these off.

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If you still have issues regarding low battery time then it might be the time to change it. One can easily get online laptop batteries from the local electronic shops. Before you get a battery, it is important to take into account the brand and the model of your laptop. Do not get batteries that are not of the same brand as your laptop because they will never work properly. There are more chances to get low laptop battery prices online because there are a number of discount deals.

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