Most Popular Techniques For Hair Extensions

Which techniques are more popular for hair extensions


Hair Extensions or Artificial hair are called those hair which are extension-ed by artificially.Now a days to do hair style there have a lot of technique for hair extensions and people are doing their hair style by following these technique.

People are now moderating their Natural hair by using various technique just make it artificial hair.

At present many salon change

their hair style and capable to do many artificial style which is more attractive and can take attention to the people eye all over the world.For women fashion tumble blog make for people and it is also more popular to women.

Most Popular Techniques For Hair Extensions

There are many techniques for doing hair extensions such as



3.bonding, micro ring

4. sealing

5.netting hair extension

6. lace fronts and tracking hair extension and  Premium hair wefts is more prefer to the people of the world especially to women.

It is two types one is  regular and other is angle free. people make synthetic hair by using synthetic fibers which looks like a layer.

Hair style type are varies country to country and people to people. But most of the people like or follow hair style of Hollywood actors and Bollywood star.

Among all of the techniques for hair extension, shampooing is one of the easiest ,low cost and effective way.

By using heat treatment technique people can make straight their curly hair but they also lose their curly style.

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