New Bangla Eid Song – Eid Mubarak published by Asif


Asif is one of the best popular singer in Bangladesh. Recently he has finished his album Eid Utshobe Bangla Dhol. This is the first album in the history of Bangladesh that is completely related to Eid, the greatest festival of Muslim Ummah. Lyrics and tone both is composed by Hasan Motiur Rahman. After releasing this song, it gets a lot of response in social media. Most of the people are now passing their leisure time by sharing this song. Asif becomes very popular from his first album O Priya Tumi Kothay that was published in the year of 2001. Its create a record of selling highest amount of audio cd across the country. After that Asif didn’t look back. Actually he is very much popular to the younger. He has a strong voice that can attract everyone. His first song in the film is Amar e Vagge tomar e naam. His single album is approximately about to 60. He has more than 120 duet and mixed albums. Some of his greatest album names are:

O priya tumi kothay

Tumie sukhi hou

Tumi kotha rakhoni

Tumio kadbe ekdin

Sukhe theko tumi bandhobi

Pashani tumi pashani

Tumi mone rakhoni

ekbar bolo tumi


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