what are the New Domain Name Extensions 2014 ?

what are the New Domain Name Extensions 2014: The ICANN’s (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)is  being included a hundreds of new domain name extensions to hit  the web in 2014. These new domain name extensions will help you  to choice new domain  name for your business or personal website in creative & targeted ways which was never possible at before.

Why are new gTLDs are being released?

gTLD means Generic Top-Level Domain. Because so many domain names are already registered under the current domain naming system that’s why the ICANN is  increasing the hundred number of new domain name extensions available to enable people to choose better, more relevant, more targeted domain names.

Form When These New Top Level Domain will be available for Everyone?

According to The ICANN’s (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) these Generic Top-Level Domain will be available for everyone form 5th February 2014 but form Sunrise it has been stared form 26 November 2013.

Where you can register for new domain name extensions?

You can register form Sunrise, Landrush and also form General Availability that meas (Domain names available for  all)

Here are the list of New Domain Name Extensions and Date of availability

 Sunrise Nov 26th 2013 to Jan 25th 2014   and  General Availability form  5th Feb  2014

.holdings     .ventures  .clothing  .plumbing  .guru   .singles

 Sunrise Dec 3rd to Feb 1st 2014   and  General Availability form  5th Feb  2014

.camera  .gallery .photography .equipment .graphics .estate .lighting

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 Sunrise Dec 10th to Feb 8th 2014   and  General Availability Feb 19th 2014

.kitchen .construction .today .contractors .land .directory .technology

 Sunrise Dec 17th to Feb 15th 2014   and  General Availability form  Feb 26th 2014

.voyage    .diamonds   .enterprises   .tips

 Sunrise  Dec 11th to Feb 9th 2014   and  General Availability form Late Feb 2014

.sexy   .tattoo

 Sunrise Dec 24th to Feb 22nd 2014   and  General Availability form   Mar 5th 2014

.careers   .shoes .photos    .recipes

 Sunrise  Dec 31st to March 1st 2014   and  General Availability form  Mar 12th 2014

.cab  .domains    .limo

 Sunrise Dec 31st to March 8th 2014   and  General Availability form  Mar 19th 2014


 Sunrise Jan 7th to March 8th 2014   and  General Availability form  Mar 19th 2014

.academy  .management  .center  .systems  .computer

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