How to Set GP Super FnF for Bondhu package

gp Recently The Largest mobile phone operator in BD, Grameenphone has brings a new package for its subscribers in  which one can select up to 10 FnF(friends & family)numbers including one special  number use as named gp super FnF.

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That means, one can select other numbers as only FnF and one special gp number can be used as gp super FnF. A super friends & family number get a special offer that means in gp super FnF the call rate is only 5 paisa per 10 second(5/10) means 30 paisa per minute(30/minute) or one  takai 3 minute plus. Obviously it is great news for every grameenphone users.

Dear reader today  we will discuss how to  migrate into Bondhu package to get 10 friends & family package, How to set super friends & family package  and also know how to set/change  normal  FnF. Because most of us can’t memories these system and form this concern we will discuss it hope ,this article will help  to every grameenphone users.


How To Migrate into Bondhu Package?

Don’t worry, It’s very easy way, First

Just go to your cellphone message option > create new message>Type B> and send this message to 4444 number

For Example: B

Send to 4444

Hoe to set gp super FnF number?

Before set up super FnF You must have to Migrate into Bondhu Package which I show above, so first migrate into Bondhu package then,

Just go to your mobile message optionàCreate new messageà Type SF < Space> Your Special Super FnF Numberà send  to 2888

For Example: SF 017xxxxxxxx

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How to  set other 9 FnF Number?

Just go to your mobile message optionàCreate new messageà Type Your desired other nine FnF Number one after another keeping a space among themà and send  to 2888

For Example:  017xxxxxxxx 017 yyyyyyyy 017zzzzzzz 017aaaaaaaa 017bbbbbbbb 017cccccccc 017dddddddd 017eeeeeeee 017ffffffff

Send this message to 2888

Sometimes you may have  to change  a FnF Number and for this you can see our another tutorial, how to change  grameenphone FnF number, So

You should read:

How To Change/Set Grameenphone FnF Number Online

How to change Super FNF number?

Just go to your mobilephone  message option>Create new message>Type SFC<space>Your Old SUPER FnF number<space>Your NEW SUPER FnF number>Send this message to 2888.

For Example: SFC 017xxxxxxxx 01723xxxxxx  send this 2888

When you can change these FnF numbers?

You can change your FnF and SUPER friends & family numbers in every 15 days from staring FnF Time.

 [Note] All Bondhu Subscribers can also migrate into other Pre-paid Packages at any time. Such as Aapon, Nishchinto,  Amontron,Shohoj, Spondon, Djuice & Smile.

Call Rates Details for FnF & Super FnF numbers:

SUPER FnF (GP to GP) : 5 Paisa/ 10 seconds [30 Paisa/min]

FnF (GP to GP) : 9 Paisa/10 seconds [54 Paisa/min]

FnF (GP to Other operators) : 15 Paisa/10 seconds [90 Paisa/min] and

SMS : 50 Paisa/sms [160 character=1 sms]

Notice:  15% (Value added tax) is applicable on all charges.

If you face any problem to change your Grameephone Super  friends & family Number then please write your problem in our comment section and we will try to give you better solution as soon as possible.

You can also do comment in our Facebook page below:


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