Top 10 Best English Eid SMS for Eid Ul FITR 2015

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From this Today we here comes with a big collection of top 10 best EID SMS 2015 for EID UL Azha.

We hope these  Huge amount of  eid sms collection will help our visitors to send eid mubarak sms in english on eid day or before eid day.

So dear visitors let’s go to see the

Top 10 Best English Eid SMS for Eid Ul Azha 2015

1. EID Mubarak SMS

Earth can Forget Rotating,
Bird can forget flying,
Candle can forget melting,
Heart can forget beating
I’ll never forget to wish You “Happy Eid Mubarak”

2. BEST EID SMS 2015 or top10 sms of Bangladesh:
^     .
|| _-  -_
||((    ))

3.   Best 10 eid sms in english

Look Outside
Its so pleasant!
Sun Smiling For you
Trees Dancing for you
Birds singing for you
Because I requested them All to wish You!

(.*.) EID MUBARAK(.*.)

4. Funny EID UL Azha SMS 2015

I wish a wish for You.
The wish i wish for few.
The wish i wish for you is that
Your all wishes come true
so keep on wishing
as my all wishes are with you.

“Happy Eid Mubarak”

5. EID  SMS 2015

Hope Love and Laugher, warmth, wishes,
joy and a bouquet of Eid wishes, jubilations,
become a part of your Eid and Your Life.
Have a <..Happy Eid Mubarak..>

6. Eid Mubarak sms 2015

A Little Act Of,


Can Fill A Heart with


(***Eid Mubarak***)

7. TOP 10 Best Eid sms 2015

May this Year’s Eid give you,
All the Happiness and,
Joy of this world &,
Hope that the blessing,
Of the AL-Mighty Allah be with you,

(_-_****Eid Mubarak****_-_)


After 24 Hours Everyone
will wish YOu but


9. Eid Mubarak 20145

May the choicest
blessing of Allah
fill your life with
joy and prosperity.

10. Eid Mubarak greetings message

Some words can be left unsaid,
Some feeling can be left unexpressed,
But person like u can never be forgotten on this day

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