Top 10 Best Free WordPress Plugins 2014

Free WordPress Plugins
Best Free WordPress Plugins

WordPress is the most used and most popular Content Management System (CMS) in today’s era. It is free and available readily. It is based on PHP and MySQL wherein you have the opportunity to use a plugin and a template for your requirements.

The plugin which is used can be really helpful for your business or blog, depending on how you use it. So, you need to be wise enough in choosing the best free WordPress plugins for your blog. Here are some free WordPress plugins to help you out

WordPress Yoast Plugin

If you are looking for free and effective search engine optimization with the help of free WordPress plugins, then this is the best option for you.

Contact Form 7

Are you looking for free WordPress plugins which can manage the contact forms for you, without any effort on your part? Then Contact Form 7 will be the correct option for you. With the help of this free Plugin, you can definitely customize your contact forms to suit your requirements.

NextGen Gallery

If you are looking to include galleries in your blog or website, then you can definitely choose this free WordPress plugin, which will prove that work is original.

Easy WordPress Parallax Slider

If you are looking for some free WordPress Plugins to help you achieve the sliding look, then this is the plugin which you should use. Sliders are visually attractive, and if you do not know any web design or coding, then this is the correct WordPress plugin for you.

Disqus Comment System

Looking for a way to make people comment on your blog post? Well, you can try out the Disqus Comment System for your WordPress. This will help you to achieve the desired traffic and also make it easier for you to respond to queries.

Pretty Link

Do you have an affiliate business? If yes, the free WordPress Plugins can be of great help to you. The Pretty Link plugin, effectively cloaks the affiliates link.

Facebook Lite Box Widget

If you are a website owner who is looking for some ways of promotion for your website, then this free WordPress plugin can be of real help to you. With the help of this plugin, you can collect likes from your followers.

Floating Social Bar

Do you want your followers and readers to be reminded of sharing and liking the posts? If yes, then the free WordPress Plugins can be of real help to you. You can choose the floating social bar and remind your readers to like or share your post each time they go through it.


Are you looking to sell something through your website? Then these free WordPress plugins can be of real help to you.

WordPress Review

As the name suggests, this free WordPress plugin helps you to review your website and also check out the services, products and blogs without causing any problem.

Thus, knowing the above free WordPress Plugins, you can very easily find the one suitable for you. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose the correct plugin for your business.
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