Top 17 Safety & Security Tips For Home, Health And Kids!


Top 17 Safety & Security Tips For Home, Health And Kids ,health and safety tips,  health, safety tips,health tips,safety ,tips,	 safety health tips,kids home safety,	 home safety for kids,home safety tips for kids.It is crying need to ensure the Safety & Security for home, health and kids because these are prime need.We can ensure the Safety & Security for home, health and kids by follow the following  top 17 Safety & Security tips and tricks.

safety and security tips for home, health and Kids:

1.Cabinet dirty dust every day to keep clean sweep poach.


2. Everyday clothes – leaving scattered copra Submit a basket. After washing the dress to keep it in place.

3. Clean  sheets, pillow covers, sofa covers, mind you once a week. will clean the fan every week or fortnight.


4. Clean doors, windows, window glass, door handle .


5. When deleting a few drops of water on the floor mosaic is poured kerosene oil is bright deleting the floor.


6. Floor tiles in the powder with a nylon brush with bliching powder ragarale the floor is clean. The antibiotic mixed with water, dried and removed from the floor.


7.Hot water with a lemon into the mixture with a glass or a knife, spoon the glaze becomes clear.


8. Acid poured a little water in it to clean old furniture polish would Whitening. Fluffiest polished lemon juice to create a share in the Mix olive oil. Keep it sisite it. Shake thoroughly before using dew will.


9.Sukate began its days in the mud. Mixing detergent with water and wash again.


10. Diseases, infectious diseases, especially if it is at home to take extra precautions. Patient in a separate room, even in the nets should be. The patient is required to be open house. Patient room doors, windows, floors should be kept clean and must be removed by antioxidants.


11.The patient’s clothes – copra be different. Kemce boiled water and detergent will sukate Dubai.


12. Eat – in particular, be aware of all of Dawa. Many different fear, anxiety and mental capake moving have more to do with eating. It is definitely going to look malinabhaba swelling, increased body weight. But again, for fear of being fat – reduces diet. The body may be deficient in nutrients. Therefore, the diet should include foods kamacarbiyukta. Milk, salad, fruit, vegetables can be consumed to drink plenty of water.


13 .Mental  stress and finding out physically can make you sick. It looks like will be tired, look lazy will appear. The problem is particularly effective iyogarta spend. In addition, meditation, deep stands, exercising can help you.


14.Finding and Stress body to prevent fracture of the power. This opportunity is a laboratory of the disease – God forbid. Esiditi, diarrhea, viruses and byakateriyasa inaphekasane gyastraitisasaha chandapatana normal life can be. These problems, along with doctor’s advice to take plenty of water and eat. I will leave that may aggravate the problem.


15. Own wearing clothes – copra be clean. was wearing clothes washed and can not be used. Comb, hair brush, towel or use the khusaki, germs and diseases can be transmitted.


16.Period when women need special cleaning cleanliness. It is safest to use sanitary napkins. The washed with other clothes kemce take antioxidants.


17.  From an early age children as well as the general hygiene of  regular bathing, bathroom out of the hands – wash your feet, and out of the hands before eating – are accustomed to, and make it clear.

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