Top 20 High Frequency GRE WORDS For Better Score

Top 20 High  Frequency GRE WORDS For Better Score is an important fact to those student who are getting Preparation for taking GRE Exam for  good score.High Frequency words are those words that are  comes  frequently in GRE Final Exam.That’s why it is  more important for all of the GRE exam candidates.From this concern today we  have shared Top 20 High  Frequency GRE WORDS For Better Score.We hope  these  high frequency words help all of the GRE exam candidates in the world.

So Let’s go to see the

Top 20 High  Frequency GRE WORDS

1. Abstain =Refrain

2. Apathy = Lack of caring, Indifference

3. Adulterate  = Make impure by mixing with baser substance

4. Audacious = Daring man

5. Laconic = Brief and to the point

6. Capricious = fickle,incalculable

7.Loudable = admirable

8.Loquacious = Talkative,

9.Corroborate = conform

10.Mitigate = Appease

11.Desiccate =  Dry up.

12.Pedant =scholar

13. Engender = Make birth,produce

14. Pragmatic =  About a state

15.Ephemeral =  Mosquito

16.Propriety = ownership

17.Gullible=Easily Deceived

18. Vacillate = Wavering

19. Homogeneous =  of the same kind

20.Volatile= Mercurial

The Top 20 High Frequency GRE WORDS will help More to all of the GRE Exam Candidate in the world.So if you think it is good then Please share with your friends.


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