Top 3 Free Windows Programs To Monitor Internet Usage In Your PC

cucussoft net guard for monitoring internet usageWindows Program are very essential to Monitor Internet Usage in Your computer.Because normally most of the internet user in the world are used limited bandwidth as a result it is very necessary to monitor internet usage for those user and for monitoring internet  usage any one can use internet usage monitoring windows software  for monitoring usage of internet daily,weekly,monthly and also custom period.Internet usage monitoring software keeps track of all information related to your internet connection and also can able to provides daily report of internet usage.Dear read here we provide Top 3 Free Windows Program To Monitor Your Internet Usage that will be more helpful to every internet user in the world.

1. ISP Monitor To Monitor Your Internet Usage

 ISP Monitor for checking your internet usage is very excellent widows program that is able to provide you all information related to your current internet plan/package.It is very lightweight windows program to track your daily,weekly and monthly internet usage.Before use it you have to setup it for this go  to Settings > Traffic Monitor > Adapter then choose wired connection or Wi-Fi connection. ISP Monitor has very simple dialog window where you can see your daily internet upload and download usage.You can easily download ISP Monitor  for use.

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2. NetSpeedMonitor for monitoring internet usage

NetSpeedMonitor is another excellent widows program for monitoring your internet usage.You can keep it on your task bar and also can see your upload and download speed instantly.To active  this, right click on your task bar and under toolbar click on NetSpeedMonitor.You can easily track your hourly, daily,weekly and monthly internet can use it by download NetSpeedMeter for your better internet usage.

netspeedmonitor for internet usage

3. Cucusoft Net Guard for monitoring internet usage

Cucusoft Net Guard is another very effective windows program to monitor internet usage in your personal computer.Cucusoft Net Guard provires your very clear user interfaces for monitoring your daily internet usage.After installing it, you have to provide an email address to register for a free product code. After that, you can begin tracking your internet usage and even you can see what programs are connected to the internet currently.It also allows you to setup your monthly quota with reminders of your limited bandwidth package.You can download   Cucusoft Net Guardit from here for use.

cucussoft net guard for monitoring internet usage

Dear reader some time your personal computer may slower because of using a lot of software like above software but you can solve this problem by following some important tips.Hope you can a lot of tips and tricks how to speed up your computer from here.

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