Top 5 Best Happy New Year SMS 2016

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Some people are creative and will not have problems drafting a nice and creative New Year SMS. However, not all people are good with words. Such people have the internet as an aid. There are websites loaded with the Best New Year SMS suitable for all the people you intend to send best wishes. However, it is always good to add a few words to make the SMS unique and personal.
Below are samples of the Best Happy New Year SMS 2016 to send to your loved ones. These SMS will ignite their years in the right gear.

1.Best Happy New Year SMS 2016

As the calendar changes from 2015 to 2016, may you have the energy and will to write the story of your existence the way you have always wanted it to be,”Happy New Year 2016″

2.Happy New Year wishes

Dear best friend, this is to inform you of a friendship renewal contract. I now want you to sign to a new friendship contract due to your good work as a friend in 2015; it is in my best interest you continue the good work in 2016. You have been 95% Flawless, 96% Intelligent, 97% benevolent, 98% True, 99% Talented and 100% LOVABLE. Strive to be more loving and caring in the coming year. Happy New Year 2016

3. The Best Happy New Year SMS

Every period of a day has its significance and importance. Morning brings with it hope, afternoon faith, evening love and night brings rest. May you have all these in abundance in 2016! Happy New Year!

4. New Year sms 2016

When the clock ticks midnight tonight, I wish just but good things for you. May it be a sign of hope and a symbol of a better year ahead! Wishing you prosperous 2016.

5.Nice and creative New Year SMS

Are you feeling the freshness of the year?

May you have Sweet Sundays,

Marvelous Mondays,

Tasty Tuesdays,

Wonderful Wednesdays,

Thankful Thursdays,

Friendly Fridays and Successful Saturdays throughout 2016.

“Have a great and prosperous New Year!”

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