Types of digital video camera / how to work a digital video camera ?

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The popularity of a video camera is increasing day by day.Now days it is available for use in every part of our life but some year ago a video

Camera was used only on live tv,videotape and some other places.It is also available in cheap mobile and smart phone with high pixel resulation.
Actually a sensor work very effectively on a video camera.There are two kinds of sensors which are used in a video camera .
one is Complementary metal oxide semiconductor and other is is active pixel sensor.



Types of digital video camera

Now a days there are various types of video camera of different brand are available in the market such as  Sony digital video camera,

Cannon digital video camera, and others are also available.

DSLR Video camera,eyeglasses, handicap,spy camera,professional video camera,webcam and so on.

professional video camera are used in film industries ,a web used in laptop or desktop for taking photo and also live chat through internet and mobile video camera which are  used in everywhere.

Now people can see the digital output in a video camera. A digital Video camera gives us real picture with motion.By a digital video camera a man can take a photo or video from a long distance.

By the way A digital video camera have some bad effect because it affected our environment by emitting heat and venomous chemical output.So we should be aware at the of using a digital video camera.

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