what are the Network Components ?


Lan componentLAN:  LAN means, Local Area Network and it,s built up with various network components. It can be between two or more pc. Not only pc but also Printer, Ip phone, ip support with server also can be included in LAN.

If you want you can use it for using internet or file/comment   sharing with your friends.

Now a day’s playing a game like Nfs, FIFA with the LAN has become popular to the player. Otherwise many institutes are arranging gaming contest with help of LAN .Also some of us use MAN and WAN networking 

for playing game and resource sharing.

lan port example

Let’s go, To see the main 

 network components  orelements  are needed  to build a LAN:


1.UTP LAN Cable(CAT6/CAt5):  

UTP LAN Cable are two types



These cable are different color like, green,white, yellow nad red.

utp lan cable

2.RJ45 Connector:  

Which is used for connecting UTP Cable With the help of Crimper. RJ45 Connector looks like below.

rj45 connector


which is used  for cutting UTP LAN Cable and  it Looks like below.


4. LAN Card  (Which built in Motherboard)

This LAN or network components show that where the RJ45  connector is to be connected.


5.HUB or Switch  ( Need if you want to LAN Between two or more PC ):

Suppose, you want to LAN between two pc. In this case you have to cut the UTP cable. Then you have to notice that  the distance of UTP Cable at most 100.

hub and switch

If it is more than 100 Meter then you   have to use a HUB/Switch between every 100 meter. Use Crimper for cut the CAT6 Cable. After cutting   the Cable You can see 8 more thin Cable.

These colors  are Blue, Green, and Brown/White. It is CAT 6 then you can also see a plastic part.

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