What is LAN MAN And WAN Network?

what-is-wanIn the field of computer network LAN, WAN and MAN are three most important network technology and also widely used network system in the whole world. With the help of these network methods we can easily share our data or information from personal computer to computer also can share printer, computer, fax and other electronics devices.



LAN means Local area network (LAN)  is usually privately-owned and links the devices in a signal office, building or in a campus. LAN can be as simple as two computers and a printer in someone’s home office or in a bank. Currently LAN size or range of LAN is limited to a few kilometers. lan wan, 	 lan wan man,    lan and wan,  	    	 what is wan network,  wan network LANs Connection are designed with various LAN connection Components  to allow resources to be shared between two or more personal computer or among more workstations.


WAN means wide area network (WAN) provides long-distances transmission of data, image, audio and video information over large geographical areas that may  cover  a country, continent or even the whole world. At present WAN is most wide used network technology in the world.

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MAN means a “metropolitan area networks “is a network with size between a LAN and a WAN. It normally covers the area inside a town or a city. It’s designed for for customers who need a high speed connectivity, normally to the internet and have endpoints spread over a city or part of city. what-is-man A good example of MAN is the part of the telephone line company network that can provide a high speed DSL line to the customer. Another example of a MAN is the Cable television network which is used widely in the world at now. If you want to know by which components A LAN, MAN and WAN are designed and also you can learn how to setup a LAN with some important network or LAN cable components.

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