What Should You Do When Your Cell Phone or Mobile Phone Drop in Water?

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to protect a  Mobile phone  or a cell phone from various dangerous problem like water problem.If a mobile phone drop into water then there is low possibility to be well.

But if you follow some technique after drooping your cell phone in water then it is possible to recover completely.

Some important tips and tricks or technique to recover your cell phone drop in water:

Step 1- At first remove the mobile from water as quickly as possible.Because mobile’s plastic cover is fairly stiff, but it does not take too much time to enter the water, it is 20 seconds.Hold the mobile as quickly as possible.Don’t turn on it cause it can be short circuited.

Step 2-Power off the mobile as soon as possible. Because if the Power-on in this condition then
the possibility damage IC can be accelerated.

Step 3Quickly Unplug the phone battery. This is one of the most important steps.

 Step 4- Remove the SIM(Subscriber Identification Module)Card rapidly.Cause very useful information can be here.However information in the sim card more valuable then SIM card.Though the SIM card is not damaged very easily, but the phone does not save the next steps might be helpful for SIM.

Step 5Separate the other things use in the mobile phone substitutions. Such as: cover, holding. etc.

Step 6-Dry well the mobile phone. One of the most important parts of the phone drops into
sewage can be fatal. So you quickly and carefully remove the last point of the sewage.

Step 7- If possible, use the Vacuum Cleaner.

Step 8Keep mobile into dry rice for night . Because dry rice is very good work for wet cell phone.

Step 9After drying put the cell phone on a soft cloth.

Step 10-Now Switch On of your phone,hope your cell phone will run properly.

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