Why social media networks is more important?

what is social media,social media marketing,media social network,	social media logos, social media,social media sites,free social media icons,social media buttons,importance of social media,Social media networks is a virtual place where a lot of people of the world share their feelings with their friends and family.

People also share and tag a lot of picture and favorite videos with friends ,lovers and relatives.
A blogger or a article writer also share his/her newest blog post or newest article or any important notice and files in various social media networks like Facebook,Google plus,twitter, Digg and others popular social media network.

For bringing a lot of visitor/page view for his/her website or blog. I think it is an important process for increasing traffic to his/her website.It also helps to introduce a new website or blog to a lot of people in the world with in a very short time.

In social media network  a content writer or blogger can take attention from people by doing social media 


for his/her  content which is newest and informative or unique and helpful to people.By sharing new post or article or website in social media network a website can obtain page rank very rapidly.
Any One can get visitor by doing social media networking in two ways one is

unpaid marketing and another is paid marketing.
Social media networks is a platform where people can build huge audience but more and more add marketing

reduce audience for it’s boring feel.
At present more popular social media platform is Facebook and others popular is twitter,

Google Plus, You Tube, Instagram, tumblr, Pinterest and so on.

If anyone especially who have a blog or website want to get more visitor for his/her blog or article she/he can build
social media networks by opening fans page or a social media group for his/her blog or article or business.

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